Window Well - Back Wall Artifact


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I am trying to create a window well wall at the terrain height using the instructions from:


Everything works well, except when I limit the height of the three walls (via Slab Room Specification) I created to just above the terrain level I get what appears to be an artifact wall in front of the brick that rises up to the Level 1 zero level and isn't impacted by the Level 0 "Ceiling" setting for the window well "room".


WellProblem.thumb.jpg.0fae81d4f1d9ed8ad804fcc886b80701.jpg      Lev0.thumb.jpg.dba097b3b0a2690fcd36bd0084d6011c.jpg


After trying several ways to eliminate this for a while this afternoon, I am still missing something.


Can anyone suggest how I might make this artifact go away and allow the brick to show through?

All comments appreciated!!!



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