How do I do Chimneys in HD Pro 2015


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I am very new to the product (a few days in).


I have a house that I want to model that has two fireplaces.  Each has a separate chimney.  Reading the documentation it says that I should click on the fireplace in a 3D view and extend it upward.


Because the fireplaces are inside the house, I can't figure out how to click on the fireplace in a 3D view.


Can someone explain how to do this with detailed guidance?




Second question:


The house is on a sloped lot.  One corner of the first floor is about two feet above grade while the diagonal corner is eight feet above grade (is this considered a daylight basement).  In order to make my 3D model look realistic I need to have the surrounding elevations reflect the actual lot.  Any guidance would be appreciated.


Thanks for any guidance.







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Please add your Home Designer title (Suite, Pro etc) to your signature. It helps to know because of the different capabilities of each product.


There are many good videos on YouTube, and on the Home Designer website showing how to use the products. 


As for editing in 3D, are you able to adjust windows and cabinets?


What camera view are you using? 

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It is a good idea to update your Profile signature Bruce as you can tell nobody read your thread title :)    I did.....  Pro 2015


His photos show 2 brick chimneys Keith not the framed chase and insert in that particular KB Article, this one may help some though


But I am assuming you used the Fireplace tool  ?  what usually happens with that is that when you place the Fireplace in the wall depending on it's default depth it doesn't extend out the wall to the exterior or just barely ,so you may need to select the fireplace and open it's DBX and resize the depth as needed , you can also grab the rear edit handle ( not the centre one) and pull it back thru the wall  ( see pic below )  then in a 3D view or better an Elevation view you can select the Chimney and Drag it up past the roof and down to the foundation ( it will initially built at Level 1 floor of 0" , see pic)  , then from the library you can add a Cap with Flues  or use a custom Slab (Tool) and Shapes from the Library to make the Flues eg an open cylinder , if one in the library isn't a good match.  Note that the Library chimney Caps are initially set at 0" high , so will be on the ground , so open the DBX and set it to the required height ( taking note in the Elevation view will help with this).


  I didn't bother changing the material to your Red Brick from the Library for this example.


Get the house setup exactly then play with the terrain/sidewalks etc later , the Terrain Tuts. in the KB are pretty good , start a new thread when ready for that if needed.


I used the Windows 7 Snipit Tool in Accessories to take these pics, you can do the same , pics help ALOT when posting Threads....












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  • 3 months later...

HDA2015 here..... I have a question about this. I found a nice fireplace for the 1st floor family room and extended it through the wall so it's visible from the outside. I have trouble with the chimney also. 


I can't just extend the fireplace up to the top of the 2nd story. The part of the firebox that is inside the house will not extend upwards past the mantel, and the chimey is narrower than the total fireplace. If I have a 6 ft wide fireplace, the chimney is not 6 ft wide. It might be only 3-4 ft wide, and will only be on the outside of the home. 


I had to add a generic box to represent a chimney and use the dropper tool to copy the brick facade to it. This isn't really adequate as the materials won't be correct in the materials list. 


Am I missing something? Is a "proper" chimney generated in the 3D view for any fireplace, and I just didn't find it yet? 




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The entire 6ft wide fireplace did extend upwards as far as I wanted to pull it, but I didn't think that the chimney needed to be 6 ft wide if the firebox was. I just looked at the one on my house now (the real one) and it is indeed that wide, so there you go. Thanks for the input. 



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If I may tune in - also with HD Pro 2015 I'm trying to use the room method to create a chimney as described in the help for "chimney":

Use walls to define the chimney chase as a room area, making sure these walls are aligned between floors. The chimney chase “room” on the uppermost floor should have a much higher ceiling than the other rooms on that floor and should also have no ceiling or roof. See Room Specification Dialog.


Unfortunately, I cannot get my room to extend through the roof even though I have followed all the points described:

  • Proper room with walls
  • Height set accordingly
  • No ciling/root

Can anyone spot what could be missing?


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your pic is too small to see the details well , post pics of individual windows and dialog boxes so we can read them easier.....


did you run thru the KB article Keith posted above in post #3 and see if you missed a setting?

Sorry, the forum software has reduced the size of my screenshot (which was maybe a bit wide with 2560 pixels). I've extracted the three views from it and attached them again as separate images.


Also, I have read both KB articles before posting. However, neigther uses this method of building a chimney; the help however does describe it exactly as quoted (search for "chimney" in the help index).




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A quick guess since I don't have your manual handy is that you built the house before the chimney and the roof is already on so the walls wont build up through it, you may need to delete the roof and rebuild or simply , since you have Pro cut a hole in the roof so you can let the chimney through.



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