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    How do I do Chimneys in HD Pro 2015

    Sorry, the forum software has reduced the size of my screenshot (which was maybe a bit wide with 2560 pixels). I've extracted the three views from it and attached them again as separate images. Also, I have read both KB articles before posting. However, neigther uses this method of building a chimney; the help however does describe it exactly as quoted (search for "chimney" in the help index).
  2. avonwyss

    How do I do Chimneys in HD Pro 2015

    If I may tune in - also with HD Pro 2015 I'm trying to use the room method to create a chimney as described in the help for "chimney": Unfortunately, I cannot get my room to extend through the roof even though I have followed all the points described: Proper room with walls Height set accordingly No ciling/root Can anyone spot what could be missing?