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  1. I have a plan of a house. It sits on a brick foundation (crawl space) that raises the first floor about 24" above grade. I need to add a brick front stoop and steps at the front door. I am new to HD so this is probably a simple question, but I can't figure out how to do it. I have attached to JPEGs (one of the actual house and one is a screenshot of my drawing). Can someone give me simple directions on how to proceed? thanks, Bruce HD Pro 2015.
  2. I am new to Home Designer Pro 2015. I did a plan view drawing of a house. It has a foundation and a first floor. I realized that I had placed the house about 20' off from its true location on the lot. I thought it would be trivial to select the house and drag it (or move it in the dialog box) but when I try to do that, it moves the objects selected on the current layer (1) and leaves the foundation where it was. I have looked through the online help but apparently no one else has struggled with this since nothing about moving objects on multiple layers is discussed. Help, please.
  3. I wan to have a full height cabinet with a wall oven unit in one corner of the kitchen. The front of the ovens should be on the 45 degree angle from the corner. There does not seem to be a way to do this. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Bruce
  4. I want to have a kitchen island that will have cabinet doors on several sides and a dishwasher in one end. Do I create one large base cabinet to do this or several small back-to-back cabinets? I initially tried a single large cabinet, but couldn't figure out how to have several sides of the island be "the front". thanks, bruce
  5. I admit that I am a newbie but here goes. I have my base cabinets placed properly. I want to now put a 30" gas cooktop in. The only one in the library is called Large Gas Rangetop. I drag it on to my drawing. When I try to select it, the base is selected instead of the cooktop. I figured out that using the tab key allows me to select the next object (in this case the cooktop itself). But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to open it to change the dimension from 36" to 30". Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.
  6. I am making progress. I still don't have the roof correct though. (See attached file). How do I cut the roof off below where it merges with the flatter part of the roof? Also the merge of the flatter roof and the steeper pitched roof is still just a bit off and I am not sure how to correct it. Thanks for the help! bruce
  7. I am new to the program. I am trying to model an existing house that I own. It is a Cape Cod with an addition added to it. My problem is that I can't figure out how to edit the height of part of a floor. The main house has a gable roof with two dormers. The roof rests on top of the main floor but is raised up about 18" above that floor. The addition also has a gabled roof that matches the pitch of the main roof but is not raised upward. I have made most of the model, but the roof on the main part of the house is too low. How do I add 18" to the top of the walls of the main house? I have attached a picture of my in progress model and a photograph of the house. Any guidance would be appreciated. thanks!
  8. I am very new to the product (a few days in). I have a house that I want to model that has two fireplaces. Each has a separate chimney. Reading the documentation it says that I should click on the fireplace in a 3D view and extend it upward. Because the fireplaces are inside the house, I can't figure out how to click on the fireplace in a 3D view. Can someone explain how to do this with detailed guidance? --------------- Second question: The house is on a sloped lot. One corner of the first floor is about two feet above grade while the diagonal corner is eight feet above grade (is this considered a daylight basement). In order to make my 3D model look realistic I need to have the surrounding elevations reflect the actual lot. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for any guidance. Bruce