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I have a pony wall (split wall) that tI am using for a garage.  Basically I have the wall type set for a split wall with the lower split being a concrete stem wall for 5 1/2" and then I do a traditional 2x6 wall for the other part of the split.  When I go to doing any sort of framing view though I cannot find a way to show the concrete stem wall.  This causes the building to look like it is floating in space for Layouts.


I have searched online and watched several videos but cannot find anything around this.


What I do know is that if I keep "Walls - Normal" on for display I see the stem, but I see everything as a solid and that includes the drywall and sheathing.


Home Designer Pro 2018.



Missing Stem Wall 1.png

Missing Stem Wall 2.png

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You can draw in a stem wall using the slab tool. In an elevation, you can add CAD work to show the stem wall.


Changing the wall definition also works. Here I made everything except the main layer for the upper wall Opening No Material. Don't use a Framing Overview for this.



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