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Hi There! This is our first post to the form and we are very new to Home Designer. We are currently designing a backyard product (not the norm for us) and are having trouble with two major things:


1. We need to show a patio cover with a flat roof. We have researched the forms here and have tried a handful of different things (rail walls, changing roof type, etc.) Can someone please help us with where we are going wrong?

2. We are trying to create a pool space and concrete deck around the pool. We have everything drawn but cannot get the pool to show through the concrete. The closest we have gotten is what we have below. On the pool we have "Make Hole" option selected but the pool looses it's blue color when we do that. The other thing that has worked but is NOT right is to raise the pool level above the concrete. This shows correctly but the pool and landscaping sit a inch above the concrete, this isn't right... Any pointers?


Powell's Pool.pdf

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26 minutes ago, Cornerstonecchd said:

Also, I thought I created a signature. We are using Home Designer Pro 2019


You did, and thanks for doing so.


And, don't forget to turn on signature display too.



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