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I have a basement plan (do not need whole house). Built stairs and landings. Then started to build the walls alongside the stairs. Got the left side done, started the right side. When I attempted to build the half wall on this side as soon as I connect it to the existing full wall both of these become invisible walls.


What have I done wrong?


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I am unsure why the walls are turning into a room divider/ invisible wall at this point but your stairs are on the 1st floor , not in the basement and you actually have built a 4 storey house, (which is messed up-see pic) , did you try drawing the basement on level 1 when you started ? hence the concrete walls? and then add a basement/foundation after that? the basement is usually Level 0 , ground floor Level 1 etc.


I can however delete the invisible wall , redraw a full length int. wall then break it with the wall break tool and make the top 1/2 as viewed into a solid rail, but didn't find a reason for the invisible wall.


It maybe easier to start again depending on what you are trying to achieve. ?  or delete upper floors ,change wall types on level 1 etc







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forgot to mention this morning that all your stair risers are different and they must be the same to meet code  eg bottom step and landing are 7"each ,main stairs are 7 15/16 each and the top landing to 2nd floor is something like 8 1/2 " ,  to make it a comfortable stair you probably need to add one tread so all steps are in the 7 1/4 to 7 1/2 " riser height. minimum tread width is 10" in most areas too.


Also , some Areas don't allow doors/steps directly at the top of stairs due to the tripping  hazard


we usually frame narrow stairwells here 40" , so they are 39" finished after drywall as David mentioned too.

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Mick and David,


Thanks for all the advice and the video. I will see what I can do to make some changes. Not sure how I ended up with a third floor. Basement is a walk out just have not modified the terrain.


The top and bottom landings and the steps off bottom landing are exactly as built.


The stairwell was made based on the following measurements: Face of header (where headroom is an issue) to the face of the top landing riser is 110". Top landing from face of riser to wall behind door is 40".


Stairs are 36" wide from drywall to drywall.


From top of bottom landing there are 11 treads before reaching top landing (top landing makes 12 treads, and step up to second floor makes 13)


Last step at top (landing to second floor) is 9.5" high (I know, this exceeds known code, but this is how it is built. Second floor has a 7/8 hardwood floor on it but top landing has just subfloor plywood).


Basement ceiling from concrete floor to bottom of I-joists is 105"


Bottom landing is 56" from outside wall to face of first stair riser and 45" wide.


Bottom landing step on right has 12" tread. Landing step on left has 9.5" tread.


I did not remember to measure the height of the bottom landing or the treads for it.


Based on the given info how would someone draw the stairs in that configuration? I assume start by opening a new blank plan and setting the default rough ceiling height to 105" and then drawing the perimeter walls. But what should be next? The bottom landing, top landing, or stairs?

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I am a bit surprised , not an old house since it uses I-joists , so not sure how it passed code....someone knows the building inspector well or you don't have one :)


Your plan is mostly there by the look of it , and you have all the measurements so I would start new and draw the ground floor exterior walls and set the room height as needed , then set the Foundation defaults ,with a Stem wall that gets you a 105" basement ceiling (it should tell you on the right side that) , then build the foundation on level 0 ,which should make things work out easier especially if you plan to model the walkout basement and Terrain later.


Depending on what details you need and what you want to model ( eg walkout) you could just delete the upper floors and copy/paste>hold position the stairs to the basement from level 1 , just not sure you wont run into other peculiarities.


David didn't try connecting that wall you had issues with but I saw the same issue in 2015 Trial ,but am uncertain why it was occurring , however like David deleting those walls and redrawing it corrected the issue. because of the landing and the sloped solid rail you will need to break the walls at the landing line and make them walls (uncheck railing) so they go full height to the ceiling , check the other part of the wall to be a railing so it follows the stair angle if that is what you have. If you don't have the sloped railing you don't need the break or the check in the "railing" box.



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