Anomalies in renderings and other questions

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I have designed a shop with living space above it.  The living space consists of gable roof lines with several shed dormers. (R_v3)  I have several questions: 1) The interior renderings show some areas exposed with no sheetrock.  Any suggestions? (R_v1); 2) The living space wall height is 36", so I have checked "Use soffit surface for ceiling" otherwise, the ceiling would be thigh high; however, we would like to take advantage of some attic space as we will not have a basement.  How can I tell the program that we want 8' ceilings without raising the wall height? Maybe you could tell me how to connect my wall to my levitating bar in this rendering while you're at it!  (R_v2); 3)  Suppose we want a deck off the back, how do I remove the lower part of the gable roof to accommodate the glass door? (R_v8).  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I use HDA2012 for windows.  I have more renderings if needed.  Thanks!





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just uncheck  "no ceiling in this room" ,  you shouldn't need to use the "use soffit for ceiling" setting


once the Roof is finalised's not yet cos of door / deck issue.... you turn off Automatic roof rebuild and then set the room height to the desired height eg 96" from 36" and you will get a flat ceiling at that height.


you need to change the roof on the back and remove most of the skirt roof so those door can access the deck , not sure what settings you have for that roof/wall though, perhaps post the Plan file , the Windows on that Dormer wall appear to be too high too judging by the door height.


Either the Bartop's height needs to be lowered in it's DBX of the Pony Wall height needs raising in it's DBX (dialog box)


We had another post similar to this a few months ago that might help ,i'll see if I can find it



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Using the dormer tool always leaves a roof eave below it, and I don't think even the newer architectural program has a way to remove it.  So the back wall (with the deck) needs to be created in a different way.

Follow this thread from earlier this year (in the old forum):

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The "ceiling in this room" is unchecked because as I explained, the room height is only 36"; however, I did uncheck the "use soffit surface for ceiling" and that fixed the exposed areas.  I assumed that I would have no sheetrock at if I had unchecked that box.  As far as the roof goes, I never use the automatic roof rebuild, so that is not the issue.  See Jo_Ann's response about the roof.  I haven't looked at her suggested thread yet, but I think she's right about the program limitations.




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I assumed you had unchecked "ceiling in this room" already you just didn't need the "use Soffit" setting too as it is usually only needed in outdoor areas. 


There is no issue with the auto roof rebuild correct....but if you set the ceiling to 96"? as desired instead of 36" the Roof will automatically be rebuilt at that height the next time you need to rebuild the roof, which you need to do as you need to remove the skirt roof on the deck side , which is why I told you to change that AFTER fixing the roof lines only or you will get a full height 2nd storey not the storey and 1/2 you have/want .


I was/am not sure how you made the Dormers , so am unsure how to help you fix it  but the thread JoAnn linked to is another from 6 months ago and should be very helpful and I would suggest looking at the Cape Cod (Story and 1/2) Tutorial and the Saltbox Roof Tutorial may help too, see below.

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