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  1. Does anyone know how to change the direction of the hardwood flooring or if it is even possible?
  2. Mick, Thanks for your suggestions. Through a lot of trial and error I have most of it figured out. One last thing: the dormer side walls extend beyond the house in the full camera view, but not the floor plan view. I left these walls in the default siding so it might be easier to see. Any clue why? Thanks, Teresa
  3. I posted a couple of days ago regarding shed dormers. The long and the short of it is that I had used automatic dormers, but wanted a deck and door and could not do so because with automatic dormers, the lower roof remains (R_v6). So I started over with the second floor (R_v1 & 2). I followed the tutorial (R_v3) and am unhappy with the result (R_v4 & 5). Now I realize that I can keep changing the pitch and ceiling height in order to get the shed dormer and the main roof to meet in the middle of the structure (in order to have the peak in the center), but that is not what I want. I
  4. Kbird1, The "ceiling in this room" is unchecked because as I explained, the room height is only 36"; however, I did uncheck the "use soffit surface for ceiling" and that fixed the exposed areas. I assumed that I would have no sheetrock at if I had unchecked that box. As far as the roof goes, I never use the automatic roof rebuild, so that is not the issue. See Jo_Ann's response about the roof. I haven't looked at her suggested thread yet, but I think she's right about the program limitations. Thanks, Teresa
  5. I have designed a shop with living space above it. The living space consists of gable roof lines with several shed dormers. (R_v3) I have several questions: 1) The interior renderings show some areas exposed with no sheetrock. Any suggestions? (R_v1); 2) The living space wall height is 36", so I have checked "Use soffit surface for ceiling" otherwise, the ceiling would be thigh high; however, we would like to take advantage of some attic space as we will not have a basement. How can I tell the program that we want 8' ceilings without raising the wall height? Maybe you could tell me how to