Material list will not update all from Master List

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I created a Material List using my pole barn plan. I then went thru the list and added prices for the various materials (concrete, rebar, windows, doors, insulation, etc).


I then clicked Update To Master.


Later, I opened the Master list and found all these items with the prices intact.


Today, I opened another plan and created a material list. I then highlighted the rebar line item and clicked Update From Master, and the price showed up in the new list.


I then highlighted the concrete line item and clicked Update From Master. No price appeared. I opened the Master list and the price was there.


Both concrete items (from Master list and from new Material list) are identical except for quantity. Same ID number (FO1), same description, etc.


So why did this not update?



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Page #947 in the Refernce Manual states:"The Master List

The Master List saves price, supplier,
manufacturer, and other information
about items in your Materials Lists and
allows you to apply that information to items
in future Materials Lists. Select Tools>
Materials List> Master List to open the
Master List.
Home Designer Pro allows you to have more
than one Master List. Only one can be active,
however, and only the active list is updated
with new information. You can specify
which Master List is active in the
Preferences dialog. See ee “Materials List
Panel” on page 92."
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Not sure if this answers my question. I look at the master list as a database that gets updated manually by me by occasionally going to suppliers and getting current prices. I then expected that when I create a new plan and then a material list for that plan, I can then update the plan material list with prices, labor, etc from the MASTER list.


Is this correct, or do I not understand how it works?

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