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I need to learn how to assign roof characteristics to different roofs in the same plan.


The attached view is of a house plan that I want to build soon. As you can see there are two roofs. The second floor has a normal, full 8:12 pitch hip roof but the first floor is larger than the second floor and those extended areas (garage, porches and bedroom wing) have a 3:12 pitch hip roof.


I set the "Lift Off Plate" roof option in the roof default to 8" while the displaying second floor. It had the desired effect of raising the roof so that the bottom cord of roof trusses would extend flat to the fascia board by the 18" overhang setting. I wanted this to have better height in the attic for a storage area (using storage trusses) and to prevent the 8:12 pitch from lowering the box eaves by 12", almost touching the window moldings.


The problem is that it also affected the roof on the first floor. Here I wanted no "Lift Off Plate", so that the first floor roof peak would be as low as possible so as to not encroch into some second floor windows. If I change the that option in either place is affects both roofs. I tried assigning a different "Roof Group" to each, but that roof default appears to be a global setting.

Am I missing something or is their a better way to achieve what I want?





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One of the big advantages of Pro is its manual roof tools.


Set the Raise Off Plate back to 0. Build the roof. 


Select the 2nd floor roof planes and using Transform/Replicate, raise them 8".


Another way to do this is to add a short 3rd floor.

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