How to build stone pillars

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What is the best way to build stone pillars for a patio like shown in the attachment?  Are there any in the libraries?  I have not found any.


I would like to possibly take a photo of one of the pillars on my patio and use it.  Would that be an acceptable and preferred way to go or is that more trouble than it is worth?


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No matter what software you have you can take a base cabinet, set it to blank sides and increase the "counter top" thickness and download the "Cultuted Stone" from the "Manufacturer Content" section of the Home Designer Website for outward appearances.


If you have Home Designer Pro you can create custom spabs shaped like that, block them and then add materials.


Soffits (cabinet tools) can also be used like slabs above.



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you can also use "Shapes" from the Library and cover them with Culture or other stone , have a look in the Cupola Continued thread I posted some posts there for Evolution to use ,you can download them if wanted to see how it is done with shapes at least. You could just explode the Block and delete the wooden post and trim too. resize them etc but it is pretty simple once you see how.<br /><br />M.

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