Room Divider turning into Invisible Wall

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I don't have Room Divider on Pro 10 but as far as I know it does the same job as the Invisible wall I have in Pro 10 , and I thought it was by default "invisible". what are you trying to do with it where you want it to show ? then I would just change the wall type to whatever you need... 



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A Room Divider shows as a single dashed line and takes no room. An Invisible Wall shows as 2 dashed lines and takes up the width of a wall.


As shown in the first image above. Both drawn the same -- chose Build > Wall > Room Divider. One stayed a single line and when you view its properties, it shows wall type Room Divider. The other changed to an invisible wall -- in properties wall type is the default interior wall set to invisible.

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Yes I am able to recreate. While playing with a stripped down plan, I fixed it in this specific location.


There is a short interior wall right of the door. I made it longer by about a foot. There is a cabinet that the Room Divider passes over. I moved it out of the way and drew in the Room Divider. 


I then moved the cabinet back into position, and shortened the wall back even with the Room Divider. 


Room Divider stayed as it should.


Thanks for your efforts Mick.

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