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You have done NOTHING WRONG. What you are experiencing is the learning curve of how the software is designed to work. It has strong and weak points and in  my opinion Auto-Dims are a weak point (not the sharpest tool in the shed). I NEVER use interior auto dims because of the overkill of too many dimension strings and repetitive ones. When I do use the interior ones, I know I have a lot of manual editing and deleting to then do. Exterior Auto Dims I do commonly use after I alter or edit Dimension Defaults-Locate Objects. Automatic tools are, well, automatic in that they are preprogrammed to work in a particular way. Many users here and at Chief Talk have complained as you just have, so they are aware of such complaints. The best answer I can give you is to get good at manually editing dimensions so you can then have them as you need and want. 


Part of your learning curve is finding out what works well and what does not and then just stepping in and manually editing what you need to control yourself.



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