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Hello Everyone,


I'm stumped again trying to get an auto stairwell cut into the second floor which is 3/4 finished with partial unfinished storage area. See attached plan. The message is that I don't have a floor to cut the stairwell through. This is the only way I could generate the floor plan that I needed was to use the saltbox roof plan and by doing so it makes part of the space a 2nd floor and part unfinished attic on top of the first floor ceiling joists so the stairwell is trying to generate in an area of ceiling joists and not floor joists. My first preference(And the way we actually would build this home) would be to build the roof on top of the 2nd floor system which brings the roof up higher and gives more headroom for the stairs but I couldn't find a work around to build the roof on the subfloor of a second floor so I went with the saltbox roof but now I can't get the stairwell in. I'd appreciate any help that you can give either to point me in the right direction to build the roof on top of the 2nd floor (1st preference) or how to get the stairwell and stairs to generate on the ceiling joists. The only other problem with generating the stairwell in the ceiling joists is will I be able to add finish flooring to the top of the ceiling joists. The landing at the top of the stairs is on ceiling joists and not floor joists as well. I tried building the roof on the second floor on a 3" wall but when I pulled down the wall where the roof rafters sit, I pulled down all of the second floor walls. If I could just get the one wall to be three inches tall and the rest of the walls remain 8',  I think I would have the problem solved.





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