Trying to determine how to build a deck on top of an existing deck?

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I just started using this product.  I am trying to find information on how to construct a deck on top of an existing deck?  I currently have a doulble deck system and need to show modifications to my current deck system, water-proofing upper deck in order to build lower deck as an out door room with enclosed ceiling, lighting, etc.  I need to show the plans for permitting and need to draw both the upper and lower decks.  


I completed several searches and could not find the information.  I have the Home Designer Suite 2017.


Thanks for the assistance.

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1) Please fill out your Signature -- see below.


2) Posting images of what you are modeling will help.




It helps if we know what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2014, 2015 etc) you are using. You can add this info to your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left. Doing so makes it always available, and this info is often key to providing a good suggestion


Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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Is this what you are trying do?


Build a room and rename it Porch, use the doorway tool for the walls, then click the rail tool and draw a rail(s) open its specification box

and click "no room definition" and place into the doorway. To change the floor finish, open the Porch room specification box and change the floor

finish to a 1/2" or so and then change the material.


Next, build a 2nd floor, and use the rail tool to create a room, and rename it balcony...

deck 1.png

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