How to create column supports for a sitting room extension

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Hello all!


I am new to this software, and trying to teach myself how to use it. From playing around with the features, I'm still not sure how to create this (see attached image). I want to create an 8x14 enclosed "sitting room" off the second floor, that is supported by wood/stone columns. Directly beneath the sitting room would be a concrete slab about one foot lower than the house, where a hot tub could sit.


I'm having the most difficulty trying to figure out how to create this kind of support system.


Any help would be deeply appreciated!



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Couple of Posts from the Framing tools , or Columns from the library or the ones posted in the link below  and a beam from the framing tools above to support the floor joists. 


Use the Slab tool to make the Concrete Slab  , but I'd build the main house with 2nd floor 1st , then build the extension on the 2 level and use the reference display to set the Posts/Bean and slab in the correct location.


the post/column thread

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Thanks Kbird1, I was able to get the slab created as you described, and add columns in Home Designer Pro 2015 from the library, but I couldn't get the zipped file you mentioned to open correctly. I'm guessing incompatible software versions. I also couldn't figure out how to get the beam above the columns. I'll attach a pick of what I've got so far, and look through the reference manual to see what I'm not doing correctly.



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your pic shows you have the Slab still set at the default 12" height  ( no idea why they chose 12" as default) but it is likely to need to be -16" or approx. as the Terrain will automatically draw at around -18" depending on the type of foundation used.  ( Top of the plywood subfloor being 0" , so thickness of ply ,plus floor joist plus default 6" of ground clearance ie 3/4" + 12" + 6" = 18 3/4).


You can build the Terrain , then set the Slab height correctly from there by checking in a 3d view ( go split screen with shift F6)


you will likely have to reset the columns heights too...


did you unzip the file above (to get the .calibz file)  and then import it as normal? they were made in HD Pro 10 so shouldn't be any issue with any version after that.... ok just downloaded file and extracted it and then import the 3 columns into HD Pro 2015 Trial no problem. If you tried drag and dropping or double clicking the file to import it it may fail but not if imported via the library menu.


Try both a floor beam and a roof beam , I am not 100% sure what HD "thinks" it is in this particular case? it may also depend on whether you draw it on level 1 or on level 2. 






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the columns I made are Architectural Blocks ( HD can't make symbols) so you need to explode them if you want to change sizes etc of them.


the other 3 columns symbols are made by David Michael Designs (DMD) are here in the link under the pics....

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