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  1. I've got a 28" doorway that I'd like to add the old western style saloon doors. Ideally like this: http://www.artfactory.com/images/SaloonDoorsSWD3236_01.jpg. Any idea how to do this? I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015.
  2. Thanks Kbird1, I was able to get the slab created as you described, and add columns in Home Designer Pro 2015 from the library, but I couldn't get the zipped file you mentioned to open correctly. I'm guessing incompatible software versions. I also couldn't figure out how to get the beam above the columns. I'll attach a pick of what I've got so far, and look through the reference manual to see what I'm not doing correctly.
  3. Hello all! I am new to this software, and trying to teach myself how to use it. From playing around with the features, I'm still not sure how to create this (see attached image). I want to create an 8x14 enclosed "sitting room" off the second floor, that is supported by wood/stone columns. Directly beneath the sitting room would be a concrete slab about one foot lower than the house, where a hot tub could sit. I'm having the most difficulty trying to figure out how to create this kind of support system. Any help would be deeply appreciated!