Adding a floor

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The software has no ability to differentiate between individual buildings so instead of using the "Create New Floor from floor below..." default command you use the "Create Blank Floor" command which creates the virtual floor but nothing else. You then manually draw in the walls of the new floor where you need-want them using the "Reference Display" to be able to see where you need to draw them in alignment with the walls below.


What you need to understand is that the software is not capable of reading your mind or other intuitive actions, you must tell or guide the software to a result always, so it the results are not what is needed and wanted, you are up against not knowing what settings, dialog's or procedures are required for a successful outcome.


Almost all answers are to be found in the video tutorials, Help files and Reference Manual so along with your creative activity you should balance that with applied study followed by practice in a methodical manner so you are then able to better control and guide the software.



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