Placing Glass Block in Masonry Wall


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I am experimenting with trying to place a pair 8" x 8" glass blocks in place of a single CMU in a wall.

After a day of experimenting, I am missing a way to make anything that comes close to glass to mortar realistic.


I have been attempting to do this with the Build Window. But can't get rid of the frame or control moving the glass in/out in the wall.

This must be the wrong approach. I am missing some technique.


Can anyone offer a different approach to this?  Or possibly just a way to bit map over the CMU on the wall?

Appreciate any comments!


Best regards,


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3 hours ago, TomGriff said:


Let me guess...Custom Backsplash.



No, although in Pro, that may be a good way.


This was done in Chief, and not sure Pro could duplicate it.


Notice the red wall behind at the top, and how you see it through the glass blocks. The CMU wall looks the same, front and back.



Bcavender 2.jpg

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  • 6 years later...

"Solver" or "Bcavender" Way down the line in 2023 but attempting to follow this and not being successful. Here is my CA 3D viewer file and not sure this will work: I am not sure when using the soffit tool how to apply it to the Pass-thru? And then have the glass block show in my elevation? Always appreciate the help!


Joan Duncan, ASID

Chief Architect Premiere X14

MacOS Monterey

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