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?s on the Electrical Services Specification:

  1. There are three angles that can be speced in Light Data:
    -90 degree Tilt Angle seems to be what is needed for a std. recessed can on a flat ceiling that is aimed straight down, correct?
    What is Cut Off Angle?  Am I correct that this should be set the beam angle of the flood light being used?
    What is Direction Angle? Altering from the default of 0 degrees to say 60 degrees has no impact in my camera view.  It also seems to only accept positive values.
  2. Offset
    The default for From Base is 1/2".  Is this the distance the bulb socket is from the top of the recessed can?
  3. The default drop off rate is set at 1.5; I assume that this accounts for the lack of uniformity of light dispersion from the center of the beam to the periphery.  Is 1.5 a reasonable value to use for a halogen flood light?
  4. Can you set the Kelvin for the light source?  I see that you can adjust the color with "white" as default, but what RGB would one use for 3000K?

    Thanks for cutting my learning curve.
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