Window Mulling Issues


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When I try to mull two windows vertically, it won't do it. I have the Vertical Stacking Levels set to zero for the bottom one and to 1 for the upper one.

See attached image.

If I place them side by side with equal sill heights, then dragging them together WILL mull them. See two images of that.

One odd thing I found was that the Interior Casing width has to be set roughly equal to or larger than the minimum window spacing (1" by default). Otherwise no mulling at all.

This is regardless of the presence of the exterior casing. See image where the right window interior casing has been set to 1/4" and they won't mull. In my case I wanted to have ONLY exterior casings, but it looks like it won't let me mull that way.

BTW, in these images I've set the exterior casing materials to odd colors to clarify which is which. Note that when they join (mull), the left window's casing color "takes over" the smaller window.

For the over-under mulling I wanted to have an awning on the bottom and fixed on the top. Any way to do that in Pro?


Side-by-side, not mulled.JPG

Mulled Horizontally.JPG

No Mulling Vertically.JPG

Rt window interior casing = .25 inch; no mulling.JPG

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Thanks Eric! You the man!


I wondered what "Component Options" meant-- for some reason the term "components" never implied separate sashes to me; I assumed it had something to do with wooden or metal small parts. Should have just tried it! No excuse for failure to explore 100% of the available options!!


That creates exactly what I need!



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