Barn Style Home Gambrel Roof with Loft


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Software: Home Designer Suite 2017

Build: OSX


I have a copy of PDF Plans for a Barn Style House we are planning on building. My wife is a visual person and is having a hard time envisioning what it would look like inside. Since the plans are a bit dated and the architect is retired, I thought I would at least try my hand at a 3d designer in order to give her a feel for the place.


I've been able to create a basic structure with the Gambrel house, though I find it difficult to reconcile the specs in the plan 7/12 and 12/7 for the roof with the way the software works. I've attached a copy of the elevation information in the plans.


The second challenge is using the structure the roof sits as a second floor. All attempts to create that second story ends up creating two floors and the attic.


Not sure if this makes any sense but any help would be appreciated.


Phil B.

House Front Elevation.png


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