I KNEW I should have kistened to my waters and stuck with 2016...


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...especially since I don't envisage myself using the software much after my current project is finished.


There was nothing wrong with the drawings and elevations (3D or otherwise) before I installed 2017 and now I get abortions like the one below.  When I saw that (which is of my current project) I checked on other files and every single one of them has got similar problems.  Missing roofs, walls where no walls used to be, no walls where walls used to be etc. etc. etc


2016-2017 cock up.jpg


And then, just to irritate me even more, when I open a file to see what it now looks like in 2017 I get this annoying pop-up even though I have modified absolutely nothing, just looked.


I didn't modify - all I did was look.jpg


Then, to cap it all, even though I still have 2016 installed on my computer when I try and open any of my files (using the "open with function") to see if I can see what changes 2017 has made I'm told that it can't be done.


Can I have my money back, please.  I promise to delete 2017 afterwards.

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Check the Archives for a recent older version of the file that you can open in the 2016 version.



If you purchased within the past 30 days it looks like you can probably get a refund if you really don't want to upgrade.



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Sir Keith,



When you open a 2016 plan in 2017 you have to use the "save as"  function, If you don't and you click "save" it will convert the plan to the newer version.


You would "save as"  Michelle 01.01.17 Master Plan - 1 for example.

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