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I want to design my house so that there are three sections at different angles. For example, a main central section aligned with the grid, then two wings to the left and right, each of which is oriented at an angle (30-45 degrees) relative to the central section.

I'm wondering if there is some way to rotate the snap grid, temporarily, while working on each wing. I found how to rotate the plan view, so that I can orient the plan while working on a wing, to make that wing orthogonal to the program window. But I can't find any way to rotate the snap grid or reference grid. Plus, even while the plan view is rotated, dragging to select multiple objects creates a selection rectangle that is always aligned with the grid, not with the window or cursors.

I have learned from other postings that one should design the house in alignment with the snap grid, and then rotate the terrain as necessary to position the orientation of the house relative to the land. But in this case different parts of the house will be oriented differently...

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