Need some help, first bonus room above garage

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Read the info on how to do it, just need a bit of help on how to get it all to work, along with the roof to look like the pic in link.  Man, any help would definitely be appreciated and. I'd be willing to pay someone to teach me how to do it.  See attached.  Roof needs to look like the link.




1885 Ranch.plan

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Your "Bonus Room" is just a room on the 2nd floor -- nothing special or unusual.


Your stairs are drawn on the second floor and should be on the first. Draw walls around the stairwell, cut the stairs, go to 1st floor, paste hold position to move them down.


For the roof, just take it one section at a time, setting pitch and hip/gable as needed. At some point, it may be easier to turn off autobuild and go manual.



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