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Accurate interior dimension lines

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I have Home Designer Suit 7.09 and just learned how to use it.


The exterior dimensión lines can be add with the CAD tool "Auto Exterior Dimensions" or the tool for "Manual Dimensions", but this measurments include the walls so do not represent the real size of the rooms.


How can I add the interior dimension of the rooms? This shows up when assigned a room type, but this does not work properly when the room is irregular.


In the attached file measurements are in metric system


Moyra Gardeweg

Cocina 3.plan

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There are, under the "Dimension Tools" area several types of different dimensioning tools:


As you mentioned your have the "Auto Exterior Dimension Tool"


but also you have a Manual Dimension Tool that when selected follows your mouse movements to create dimension-able  points and a dimension string that connects them.


I think the one you want to use for showing interior dimensions between parallel walls is called the "Interior Dimension" tool, when that tool is selected you drag your cursor between two parallel walls and then a dimension line will display between the walls thus marked


Later versions also have a "Tape Measure" tool for quick, task bar measurements but I do not believe that was available in version 7 titles.


You should pick the right tool for the job to be done.




You might like to view this You Tube tutorial that you may find helpful:

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Assuming you have the Interior Dimension Tool I'd use that too or perhaps the Point to Point dimension Tool if you have it in Suite 7 ?, I think the newer versions also have an Auto Interior Dimension tool now Too similar to the Exterior one .....with the $30 rebate it would be $69 to get the latest version I think.



I had a quick look at you plan


You have put in the Terrain but not built a foundation yet..... hence the grass in the Living Rm :)


it does not appear you have built the roof either yet....


not sure why all your Furniture is out on the Lawn ? or were you just trying different ones ?


LH Wall is showing as an interior wall  (Yellow) instead of an exterior wall (green)  and the wall has a gap of 700 mm in it ? near the front door missing window ?


The Exterior Doors are pretty Narrow especially the one off the kitchen @ laundry 550mm? laundry 700mm etc don't forget you will be carrying Arm loads of stuff.




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