ceiling and wall issues

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I have 3 issues that I think are related. 

1.  Front wall of house has 3 wall heights?

2.  Front porch roof messes with cathedral ceiling over front door.

If you remove one of the railing walls on the porch it fixes this problem but would like to keep the roof.

3.  Ceiling height over stairs is lower than over kitchen?


I have made several versions of same plan and I don't have problems 1 and 3 in those.

But can't figure out why.  Have removed front wall and redrawn it.  I did try to change wall heights in room view and this might work but I was making it worse.

Don't know why these different heights showed up to start with.





Home Designer suite 2017



10 9 16.plan


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Here you go...



post-3421-0-89158600-1476382432_thumb.png10 9 16-1.plan


Renamed the 1st floor stair room from garage to open below.


Redrew the Front porch.


Covered the brick wall(s) in the living room with wedges and a box shape


Corrected the bifold doors..


Removed the shelfs and resized the cabinet overhang(s)..



For some reason Suite adds 12" to the lower floor when you use open below.. 

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