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  1. Not a problem. Might just live with it. Thanks Pam
  2. If I do that it takes away the vaulted ceiling completely. Thanks
  3. I have this deck on the back of house. I have a vaulted ceiling over the great room. The ceiling over this door should be parallel to the floor; I have same issue on opposite side of room as well. Over the entry. I have attached my plan. ceiling deck cab udated 7 14.plan I am sorry if this has already been answered could not find it. Pam Home Designer Suite 2017
  4. This is amazing I have been trying to fix this for days. Thank you LawB10 Pam Home designer suite 2017
  5. I have 3 issues that I think are related. 1. Front wall of house has 3 wall heights? 2. Front porch roof messes with cathedral ceiling over front door. If you remove one of the railing walls on the porch it fixes this problem but would like to keep the roof. 3. Ceiling height over stairs is lower than over kitchen? I have made several versions of same plan and I don't have problems 1 and 3 in those. But can't figure out why. Have removed front wall and redrawn it. I did try to change wall heights in room view and this might work but I was making it worse. Don't know why these d
  6. That's awesome LawB10 Thanks
  7. Thanks LawB10 that did the trick. Fixed a roof I have been working with for hours. The second suggestion is great too. I just want an overhang on the east and south sides. I don't quite understand. Thanks
  8. I looked in the manual and it does not specify what the GN(general) category is. I believe the thermal envelope would be the wrap and insulation sealing the house. If so it should be included in insulation? So what is the thermal envelope sub category for?
  9. I built this slab on grade house and finally got all the roofs correct except the peak of the gable on the garage. 9 24 no basement.plan
  10. What are they wanting me to price in the first section of this materials list? Is this labor or what? Concrete, insulation etc. are included elsewhere. General GN1 1 thermal envelope - ceiling area 648.00 0.00 sq ft $0.00 GN2 2 thermal envelope - ceiling area 730.00 0.00 sq ft $0.00 GN3 1 thermal envelope - floor area 1344.00 0.00 sq ft $0.00 GN4 0 22 1/2 high Wall 8" Concrete Stem Wall 56 0 ft $0.00 Untitled 2.txt