Wanting to hang my personal image on wall ~ Image IS, and is NOT showing


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I have a painting a friend painted, I took a pic of it and want to hang it on the wall of my plan . . .


I have followed the clear instructions here




Two things are going on


1) My image DOES show up in the vertical library panel on the right side of the screen


2) When I follow the instructions above, and get to the point   5. Go to the Materials panel of Furniture Specification dialog and select the Image. the image is NOT available for selection, yet is IS visible in the library panel . . .


I have updated the library several times, exited out of the program and restarted ~ Still NO Image  


Do I need to place the image in a specific location??  Home Designer Architectural 2017 DOES know the image is there.


I am using Home Designer Architectural 2017 on the same Dell I use for Adobe Premier Pro, After Affects bundle . . . I have plenty of graphics to show the image.



Thank You in advance


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