ICF basement and SIP first floor walls


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I have submitted this to support, but thought I'd get your opinions.


Here is the situation:

HD PRO 2014

House design in progress with the following:

Full walkout basement using ICFs for all exterior walls.

All exterior walls on first floor use SIPs.


I need to align the exterior surfaces of the insulation on the ICFs with the exterior OSB on the SIPs for siding to go on ICFs and SIPs.


It seems the program uses the main layer of walls to align first floor and basement walls. If I set the main layers to match the surfaces above, the program also uses these surfaces to define interaction of interior walls with exterior walls, so all interior walls intersect into the exterior walls to the surfaces above.


I had set the main layer to deal with the interior/exterior wall interaction, but now I can't get the first floor and basement walls to align.


I must be missing something.


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The software (all versions and titles) are programmed to align walls based upon the "main" or structural layer (the layer that bares the structural loading of a wall). So when the floors of two or more floors do not by default align, it is your job to manually align them wall by wall, floor to floor.

The makers of the software have done a great job of this in MOST applications but where the walls do not naturally align, it is your job to make them aligned.


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Thanks. I tried manually aligning the floors. Very difficult with all the snaps. Also couldn't actually see the reference layers to align to.

I also tried setting the "resize to layer" on the general wall default, then moving the main layer. It made the exterior walls move and break apart.

I decided to live with the interior walls going to the wrong layer of the exterior walls. I also have decks on the exterior. Seems like something will be "not quite right" no matter where I put the main layer. Either the interior walls go to the wrong layer, or the deck rails go to the wrong layer or the first floor and basement walls aren't aligned.

It will still convey the information.

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