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How can I lay larger tiles?

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When I change the size of my tiles to large tiles (400mm by 400mm), which are more common now,  the program doesn't want to display the larger size.  It seems limited to about 150mm by 150mm.


Does anyone know how to get around this?

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It would be a great idea to follow up on the Tutorials David has pointed to so you can customise different materials in the future but this should get you started on the Tile....


My guess ,you are using the Material definition tool to change the sizes right ? ,


so the error would be that you only changed the height and length on the General Tab   (Pic1)  ( effects materials list only?)


You also need to change the size on the Texture Tab under Scale to the same size.      (Pic 2)


You May also want to change the Origin on Texture Tab ,so the full Tile starts at the edge and ceiling    (Pic3)


If you want it right in Vector View , on the Pattern Tab  you also need to change the Pattern File to Custom,

Browse to ChiefTile.pat ,OK, then choose the Tile size (closest) from the drop down list under Custom.

*** note here that I have found ALOT of Patterns scaled incorrectly ie it shows 1.0 when it should be 0.1

     you can play with the scale size though to get what you need eg use 0.075 not 0.1 or 0.15                       (Pic 4)









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