Have a 3' crawl space


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Make a small 8' tall 8' square block wall room in the 3' crawl space . To add stairs and an doorway to the basement I have on one of the walls . When I make the wall it doesn't give me height to change and if I change ceiling it goes up not down the way I need it . Do I have to start over with foundation ? It 2 different levels

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You need to supply the forum with a little more specific data to help you:

1. what software title are you using?

2. can you be a little more specific towards communicating exactly what you are trying to achieve?

3. I do not understand how a 3" crawl space and a basement that is accessed by stairs are the same thing?

4. Images or sketches help a lot in saying what you are asking about.

5. a copy of your plan that others can look at and edit  is also useful provided you get across clearly what it is you are trying to do.



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