Auto build roof leaving gaps and causing error messages


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I am trying to add a roof to a plan where the building has a couple of extensions (so some ex-external walls now internal) and different wall types and this seems to be causing problems  now I've got to the upper floor and gave the roof building a test.  


I've attached the plan with fittings removed (still large file though?) and there are a number of issues:




The big issues are the main roof always has a gap, either as per the image or where the main and front parts of the roof meet and also the phantom roof corners on the ground.  I've tried various changes to the walls and I always get the hole, although sometimes its slightly different to others.  This makes me wonder if I've set about the walls wrongly.   The main roof should be a pretty standard 'L' shape with gable ends where shown in the plan and an offset section above the small room at the top of the plan.


The lesser issue which is lack of experience, is working out how to make the roof sections over the lower floor rear extension and small front protrusion both shed type. My efforts result in the side walls being extended to the top roof level.


So I would be grateful for advice on where I am going wrong.


Roof issue.plan

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The auto roof builder often fails on what seems to be a simple roof. You can spend much time trying to trick it into building the roof you need, or you can use the manual roof tools that come with Pro.


Here is your plan with an all hip roof, done manually by moving the edges of the auto generated roof planes so they align correctly.


Roof issue (eric).plan


I'll leave changing the hips to gables as needed to you.

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