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Has anyone been able to successfully have a wall oven underneath a cooktop?  If you try to place a wall oven into a base cabinet, it will tell you that you need to put it into a full height cabinet.


Fine, OK.  I created a full height cabinet, changed its height to 35", added a custom countertop, and successfully placed the oven into the cabinet.  I slid it into place between my other real base cabinets and it renders more or less OK.


The problem I have now is that the cooktop won't insert into the custom countertop/full height cabinet.  It gives me sort of the opposite error message from before, telling me that the cooktop can only go into a base cabinet.


Surely I'm not the only person who's ever tried to do this?


I am going for the clean lines/countertop flow of a cooktop, but I don't want my wall oven far away from the exhaust hood (i.e. in a true full height wall cabinet on an opposite wall).  Also, I like the built-in look that the wall oven has in the base cabinet.

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