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Hi all,


I have a 1929 3-story house on a downward sloping lot.  You cannot see the lower (basement) level from the street.  We are starting a multiphase remodel and the lower level is first up.  It's been a long while since I used this program, so I stumbled through creating a plan of the lower level.


  (side note:  When I was a practicing interior designer, I had Chief Architect Pro.  It was installed on my laptop which crashed so severely that nothing was recoverable.  After I retired, I became a Mac girl.  All I could find for this project was the original Home Designer 8.0 that I started on many moons ago...and it's installed on hubby's old Think Pad laptop. )


I was about to add the main floor on top of my floorplan when I realized that I drew the "basement" as the first floor.  Is there any way to reassign the drawn plan, making it the "foundation"/basement.  Please don't tell me I have to redraw everything :o:(


Also, how can I show the sloping terrain?


I have a feeling that you are going to hear from me a lot on this forum.... :blink: 


Thanks in advance,


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