Create a cathedral ceiling ... that does not follow the roof


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With Architectural you would use a reshaped and located sloped soffit (found under cabinet tools). In Architectural you can turn off the ceiling in the room's dialog box-Structure tab and then place sloped soffits under the roof to emulate  a ceiling at a lower pitch over that room.

You place a soffit facing perpendicular to one side of the room. Then stretch it out from the bearing wall to just under the roof ridge. The in the soffit's dialog you tell it to "Follow the roof" which causes it to adopt the same pitch as the roof above. Then by manipulating the input box values  for the height of each end of the sloped soffit you then gain a lower pitch appearance. When you have the first side where you want it, you then copy-paste the first soffit to the other wall and rotate it so it becomes a reversed pair to the first sloped soffit. This will require some trial and error practice to master the above directions.



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