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I have a earth satellite photo I placed on my terrain and it was initially in small blocks so I increased the scale in the "define material" dialogue and this helps but then I notice the material seems to segment itself no matter how large the scale. I then tried "stretch to fit". Still same problem... I would like the satellite image to lay down on my terrain.


See attached problem


Any ideas?




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It sounds like you imported it as a custom material which is the wrong way to go, a satellite image should be imported simply as an image, then scaled to match as closely as possible the size of the terrain plane.

You import the image, scale it using the provided scaling tools (select the image while in plan view and those tools will only appear in the "Edit Toolbar" while the image is selected).

I am not saying this is a Science, it is not due the fact that Google supplies a "Graphic Scale" for getting the scale close in HD (the native scale in HD is 1' =1' or Real World scale),

I have done the same as you many times and what I describe has work-ability, applying to the terrain plane as a custom material does not in terms of scaling.



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I am curious what you are trying to do as I can't tell from the image , it looks like a large area with roads etc  not a House Lot


Is it just as an image of the general location/neighbourhood ?  then just drag the image file into the plan window, select it and resize it as needed.


( or use the import DBX and paste it into the plan from your Library if you want to save it for future use.)




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