Newbie - editing kitchen template


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How do I remove doors in the template & move windows to correspond to my actual kitchen?


I figured out how to re-dimension the walls so they reflect my space.


I need to add a couple of internal wall dimension alterations to include my laundry room and a large pass-through on one wall.


Also need to add a couple of wall openings leading to other rooms and a door.


The template I chose was kitchen with island that is remarkably close to my layout & reflects what I want to do with the island, but I also want to remove the table & chairs.


I'd appreciate any help.


I've been looking in the knowledge base & also some of the videos.

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When you start a new plan, you can either start off with an empty template (like the default, arts and crafts, etc) or you can choose to view an example file that already has stuff in it.  It's easier to just start from a new blank plan than to modify one of the examples, they're really better for just getting an idea of what can be done.

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