Adjusting entire floor's ceiling height

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I've searched the forum, the home designer reference manual, and the online documentation but can't find a way to change an entire floor's structure.  When I started my .plan I selected a 8'0" ceiling height for both the first and second floors.  I'd like to change the entire 1st floor to 9'0".  Is there an easy way to do this or do I have to select each room on the floor and change the structure in the room specification dialogue?


Thanks for any help/suggestions!


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Go to 2nd floor. 


Edit>Edit Area>Edit Area


Select entire 2nd floor. Ctrl-X (cut).


Go to 1st floor.


Edit>Default Settings 


Go to the Floor page and change your settings.


Go to 2nd floor.


Paste>Paste Hold Position


OK the messages saying floor heights are different.

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