Best tablet or slate for Home Designer Pro 2014??


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I am a relatively long time user of Home Designer. I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2014.

I wanted to purchase a tablet or slate or something like Surface 3 to run the software so I can take it with me to sites and not have to lug around the laptop.  

Is anyone running this on any type of tablet with success? What model did you go with? How much Ram? Processor?

Do you know if your video card is dedicated or integrated?

Any help would really be appreciated. I love the idea of using a smaller platform, but I don't need one more boat anchor sitting on a shelf.


Thanks in advance for all help.


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Hi David,


Thanks for the reply. I did begin by reaching out to Tech Support. They did not want to commit, and suggested I give the forum a try.

I use a laptop now, but I am intrigued by the tablet idea, particularly when visiting work sites or meeting with clients off site.



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