Foundation Room Specification Dims Fighting each Other


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[Picture "actual"]


Is how may basement actual is the blue lines represent the living basement and the magenta represents the crawlspace into my step down family room.


trying to represent this in Home Designer.


When I select the room that represents the basement and pick "Structure" and deselect all of the "defaults" [Picture room specification] no matter what I do the numbers are still dependent upon some hidden requirement and won't let me actual define the numbers I show in "actual"  For example when I enter -23" for Ceiling the Floor Above jumps to -10 3/8 even though I have not change it and the default is unchecked.


Ideas of how to represent this basement combination?


Thanks for your help!





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Upload worked.


I don't think the program will do what you want. Specifically, show a truss that has a bottom cord configured like yours below the top of the basement wall.


You could simulate what you have to get the heights correct. Set the first floor floor structure to 19" to make the stemwall height correct, then use a lowered ceiling in the basement to make up the difference.








First floor



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Does this require me to delete the rooms or the framing and start over or can I select all of the first floor rooms over the full basement somehow to set the this all at once.


I am getting mixed results trying to select a room at a time and make the first floor changes.


No problem, just trying to learn the pecking order at how I should create these items


Thanks Mike

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