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My question may have nothing to do with snaps but I guessed it might.


I have been asked to provide dimensioned drawings now for a customer's builder to look at. IF I decide to send these, there will be a HUGE disclaimer included that the drawings need to be approved by an architect before the builder proceeds to use them for anything.


The builder in question stated that he rounds his measurements to the nearest 1/4 or 1/8 inch (I do not remember which fraction he stated on the phone). That means that I need to either redesign the entire structure or re-dimension it all using manual dimensions and round those dimensions according to his preference.


My question is, how does one design a building so that the walls snap to rounded dimensions?


Is there a tutorial available regarding this topic?



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See the image.


You can change the Snap Unit. Set it to 12", then draw a wall. See how it works. Set it to 1/2", see how it works.


Looking at your interior dimensions, many end in eights -- 7'-3/8". I'd try for no fractions, and use 1/2" as my smallest fraction.



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