Layout sheet - I was quite chuffed with myself...

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...when I managed to create a layout sheet for my large plans even if I had to change to scale from 1:100 (1 cm = 1 metre) to 1:150 (½ cm = 1 metre) to make the plan fit on the sheet given that those of us who purchase the "el-cheapo" products are penalised by having a very limited sheet size to choose from. :ph34r:


I thought that, for once, I might have done something without having to ask for advice but sadly there are two things that I haven't been able to figure out.


The first is how to get rid of the grey grid line things on the layout sheet and the second is how I can rotate and move the floor labels that are automatically plonked on the sheet wherever the software deems fit.  Highlighting them to try and drag them doesn't work.


Thank you.



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At first, I thought the grid lines were caused by the Page Set Up dialog (paper size of your printer might be set to a smaller size than your Drawing Sheet) but I could not duplicate your outcome on my copy of Pro 2014 (I did not get nor could I reproduce the grey gird lines in plan or layout views). So I am at a loss to explain the phenomena you are getting, since I cannot reproduce it.


The view label can be manually moved as to its location or turned off or edited via the "Label Tab" for each view sent to  layout.


Can you share a copy of your plan and layout file so others can see if your unwanted results repeat on other machines?



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Thanks David.  One of the problems was that I couldn't click on the label and drag so I resorted to your other solution and typed my own which I could then drag to where I wanted them.


Now I am having problems printing with pdf995.  I send things to the printer but then I can't find them anywhere on my computer in order to get them on a memory stick and take them to my plan printer chap in town.  Some things are sent to try us. :(

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Sorted.  At last!


In the end I never used the layout sheet.  I just printed straight to the page size of Arch C (the largest pdf995 will accommodate) and my printer man fiddles using his fancy and expensive software to get the actual scale right.

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