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I'm in the patio enclosure industry in Florida.  Is anyone using the Home Designer Pro program to design sunrooms, pool enclosures and screen enclosures built out of aluminum framing?  While some modular sunroom manufacturers sell their systems to be built throughout the country, the Florida screen enclosure market is somewhat unique to this our area.  We build large screen enclosed pool areas (upwards of 40ft x 60ft plus, built out of structural aluminum beams).  Has anyone had success with Home Designer in our industry?

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!






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Home Designer Pro comes with some basic "Atrium Window" symbols which can be fitted together. I have used Chief Architect Premier to design numerous sun room additions for a firm here in Austin so it can be done. Is it "easy"? No the software is merely a tool and must be learned to produce anything really useful, it is up to you. DJP







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Pic 4&5 can be done in Pro by changing the window defaults  , the others will take a bit of familiarity with Pro, but it is possible, but you should consider Chief if in business, it has much better capabilities for Custom work, and is faster ,though I guess you can make stuff in Sketchup and import into Pro as a symbol (object) too. Of course you can get Pro and move up to CA and get the Pro cost rebated against it if you upgrade , so that is a good option , and what I did.





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