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I am having trouble with my wall heights and am hoping someone can provide me some direction.

In the attached plan there is a dining area off the great room. It will have a shed roof over it and the adjacent loggia. But before I can get to any of that, I see that the walls that I have drawn are suddenly of different heights in the dining area. It also generates some automatic walls upstairs. And now that I examine it closer, it looks the the floor in the adjacent garage that I have not yet begun to detail has a lower floor level. 

I assume I have set some default incorrectly or done something inadvertently to cause all this.

Would appreciate if someone can send me in the right direction.





villa great room 083015.plan



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Sorry, here is an updated plan that shows where my garage is. 

When I did what you suggested, it solved the ceiling problem but now suddenly the wall between the dining room and loggia is inside out. Is that because I have another exterior wall on the porch and when I did the 'room no def' it got confused?

Also I attach two photos showing what I mean by the garage problem. And then also now that I added garage doors they are offset even more down too. 



villa great room 083115.plan


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There is a button on the Edit Toolbar to reverse a wall. The software often does this.


Garage floors are normally lower than the house floor for safety. You can change it in the Room Specification dialog.

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check your Build Floor>foundation>Garage Options....setting I think it is 3 1/2 " by default


typically by Code the garage Floor is lower but it may depend on the era of the Building or where you are....

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Thanks, I see that.

I really don't want a foundation for this version as I am using this one to detail the interiors.  But when I delete the foundation, it gives me about a foot of stucco below the floor level. If I add a slab of 1" it shows up at the right place. Do you know if there's a way to have no foundation and have the doors appear at grade? I can leave the slab if necessary.

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Use a monolithic Slab , and raise / lower the Terrain  to whatever height you want eg 1" , having a zero floor structure may lead to "weird" issues in HD as that is not "normal"


If you delete the foundation ,HD will give you the default floor (12") and Siding /Stucco ALWAYS wraps to the bottom of the Floor Joists ,which is what you are seeing , in these cases (interior Renos)  I just use a MonoSlab as mentioned above.



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