Partly sloped ceiling

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I’m sure this is hidden somewhere in help or has been answered again, but I can’t find it.


I need to make a space and half of it having sloped ceiling. I know I can easily add a wedge and get over with it, but there’s also a balcony and the roof effect needs to be realistic.


The main floor height is 2,70m and the slope starts just off the top of the window which measures 2,10m. Like in the sketch I made, which is NOT in scale.


How do I succeed this roof? Something with a shed roof, but how do I lower it so that that the slant gets lower than the main ceiling?



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Room ceiling should be set at 2.10m and then build roof.   When you no longer need to rebuild the roof for ANY reason, turn off auto rebuild roof.  THEN raise the finished ceiling height to 2.70m.

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