Staircase wall extension on an angle


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So much work for something so simple  :( Someone please tell us how easy this is.


I'm sure there MUST be an easier way. I have attached the plan file so you can have a look for yourself.


I did not do things in this order, so if something does not work, try again.


1) Extend the stair wall out so that it will cover the gap. Place a break at the corner where you extended the wall from.


2) Change the new wall (create a new wall type) to be solid paper. One layer, paper, 4.5" thick. Set it to Attic Wall. Realign with the stair wall.


3) In an elevation view, select the wall and drag it up forming a triangle.


4) Draw a Ceiling Plane at the same angle as the stair, covering the bottom of the exposed stair. You will need to lower it. Drag it over to cover the bottom of the triangle.


5) In a camera view, paint the new wall drywall so it blends in. Play with everything to get it looking correct.



Setting to Attic Wall for some reason makes the program heal the walls -- try it with and without that setting.


Making the new wall solid paper (other materials may work) lets the ceiling plane extend to its edge. If the new wall is drywall, the ceiling plane stops 1/2" shy, creating a visual problem.






Stair Cover Up.plan

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The quick easy...move on to something else way... is the Triangle from the Shapes Library with the same color as the drywall applied , in some versions of HD it is the Only Way , since they can't edit walls in elevation.


This is something that is being asked for as a Fix on the CT Forums too...



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Inverted Wedge is the shape you want. I knew about that, and even placed one in plan, but failed to see how it resized. 


Taking a second look, now I do. You vary the shape by dragging a side, not the corner.


I always learn something from doing it the hard way, anyway.

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