Survey or property lines?

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I'm new to using the Chief Architect software. I currently have 2012 Home Designer Landscape & Deck.


I do landscape design and would like to create a quick house that mimics the existing home for which I'm creating a landscape design so that I can do 3D views.


Is it possible to import a survey with property lines and the house footprint and then trace the property outlines and house footprint and 'build' a house from that? If not, which version of Chief Architect would allow me to do that?


Thank you.



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I don't know what file types you can import but yes it should be possible to "trace" an image file , or perhaps .PDF? or .DXF Have a look in the Knowledge Base about importing plot info , images, tracing etc or your Reference Manual , under Help>Reference Manual which will download the PDF if you don't have it? it is more in depth than the Online Help ,which I guess you already checked? , right ? :)



Here is a link to the KB.....

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In L & DD  2012 you  you can import scans of site plans in .png, .jpg , .bmp and Metafiles, you then scale the imported image so you can then trace over the results with native tools in LDD.



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