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The main difference between Essentials, Suite, Architectural and Home Designer Pro, other than cost, is the ability to create more intricate roof designs, so like Eric said, if all you are interested in is walls and interior views, Essentials, Suite or Architectural will serve.



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Thank you for your interest in Home Designer. As you move up the product line you get more custom design options, a larger library catalog of items to choose from and finally tools that make the design process easier. I would recommend our Home Designer Suite as many people find that the feature set in the Essentials version too limited. Here is a link to a detailed comparison matrix. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/products/product-chooser.html

You can also give our sales department a call to discuss your needs and to help guide you into the right product. We can be reached at 208-292-3400.

Kind regards,


Chief Architect Sales

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